Transforming lives in humanitarian settings through generation of evidence to help shape policy and improve practice.


Transforming lives in humanitarian settings through generation of evidence to help shape policy and improve practice.

About e4c

Evidence for Change (e4c) is a leading humanitarian research organization in East Africa that is committed to reshaping the landscape of humanitarian work through innovative approaches. Collaboration is at the core of our operational & research endeavours as we aim to produce context-specific evidence that informs policy decisions. Our goal is to elevate the health and wellbeing of those affected by humanitarian crises.

Our Objectives

e4c’s key objective is to improve programming and policy in support of health, nutrition and WASH for crisis affected communities in Somalia and the region.

Our Approach

At e4c, we serve as a one-stop destination for evidence-based services aimed at enhancing the understanding of what works, for whom, why, and at what cost, to promote the health and wellbeing of people affected by humanitarian emergencies. Our comprehensive approach to research design and execution generates a wealth of valuable information for those in decision-making roles.

Recent Project

e4c: Monitoring drought emergency and famine prevention activities in Somalia

As part of the response to the 2022/2023 drought emergency and famine prevention activities, Evidence for Change (hereinafter e4c) in partnership with its partners (BRCiS and Caafimaad Plus), have initiated the use of the Nutrition and Mortality Monitoring System (NMS) approach to provide monthly updates on the situation. It has done this by identifying and sampling IDP sites in locations where newly displaced populations are known to aggregate in times of crisis. These locations included Kahda and Daynille in Banadir, Baidoa, Dinsoor, Galkayo, Kismayo, and Dollow. 

The NMS has produced six reports that have tracked the health and nutrition situation of these sampled IDP populations which can downloaded from our publications page, here.


“e4c has illustrated their attention to detail, quality and ability to do their work independently with minimum oversight from us. In addition, their understanding of the Somalia context was impressive.”

Building Resilient Communities in Somalia (BRCiS) consortium

Despite the complex nature of Nutrition and Mortality Monitoring System (NMS) project, both in terms of geographical scope, logistics and coordination, e4c has proven to be a reliable partner, engaging with the teams professionally and delivering on time and budget. They are technically competent and have a deep contextual understanding of Somalia and the horn of Africa region, and more importantly, very professional and reliable even when working independently

Caafimaad Plus consortium

“e4c’s track record on robust research in Somalia is impressive and I have appreciated their careful planning and attention to detail.”

Center for Humanitarian Change (CHC).

Our Partners

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